Essay about being home alone

My parents had returned by then and when they heard the whole episode, they were happy to see me safe and sound. Finding something to eat, I returned to the hall room where I became a couch potato and watched my favourite Television programme.

The neighbor was very thankful and wished us a good night. I went to the kitchen and then to the refrigerator to find something to munch on. My dad opened the patio door and said, "Hi, how are you doing tonight? I thought to myself, maybe next time when my parents go out for dinner I will go with them.

I looked down and listened fearfully. They thanked my neighbour too.

Home Alone

This is the original essay with minor updates and edits: I was feeling great! My heart was pounding again. I sat back down and looked at the clock. They looked like monkeys and indeed they were.

The next day the authorities from the zoo came and took the monkey away. I was relieved that is was just the neighbor but still a bit shaken up. Feeling unsafe downstairs, I dashed up the stairs to my parents bedroom. What bad luck, I thought to myself. In the mean time I held myself together and decided to open the door.

Still looking at the clock. We both entered the house and heard some chattering in the kitchen. I walked over to the window that was covered with drapes and put my ear up next to it. Some children were playing badminton on a cool wintry night.

Being Alone

I had never been so happy to see them in my life! I read the story book for about an hour and then decided to take a break.

I yelled out because normally I was not supposed to yell in the house. It looked like some sort of animal, may be one or two. Someone was definitely out there. I immediately phoned by neighbour on the first floor, who said he was coming in a moment.

I told them about what had happened and about what I had heard and saw. I dashed down the stairs and opened the door to meet them.


It was around 7: I opened the door and saw no one; but I thought I saw something crawl into the room. My neighbour was quick to pounce on it and quickly tied up the sack.

I was feeling free like a bird and very independent for the first time in my life. I sat back down on the couch and started thinking.

We went to the living room and sat down to talk about it. It was around 6: I shut the door and leaped onto the bed. Finally, the outside door closed and it was quiet again. I ran down to call my neighbour and was relieved to see him climbing up the stairs.

I started walking around.Home Alone essays Inthe hit comedy "Home Alone" was released on video. This movie is a nasty, evil, and sadistic motion picture. In the same respect, I think it is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. For those of you who do not remember this film, it was about the McAllis.

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Being Alone. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do. Home Alone essaysAndy waved goodbye to his parents as they went out for the evening. He had been home alone before but this was his first time at night.

Although he wasn't afraid, he wasn't comfortable with the position he was left in. But he couldn't let on to his parents because h. How I Overcame My Fear of Being Home Alone (as an Adult) Still, when we signed the papers and moved in, I nearly burst with pride.

I had scored a small victory over my darker thoughts. I was happy in my new house. As long as I had company, that is. Anytime Christopher had to leave—even for 24 hours—I would dragoon someone into staying.

Alone at Night - Suspense Story Note: I was going though some of my old papers from grade school and found a suspense essay I had written about being home alone for the first time.

It is a good story so I thought I would share it here. This is the original essay with minor updates and edits.

Essay about being home alone
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