Hamlet vs othello

In Hamlet the theme, power of language, can clearly be seen during a scene between Claudius and Laertes. Iago persuades Roderigo by outlining a plan as to how they will be killing Cassio. He had established a trusting relationship with Ophelia up until the point where Polonius intrudes and breaks the final bond between them.

It is now high supper-time, and the night grows to waste. Imagery acts as a sense of assurance and understanding of the task at hand for the manipulative to complete. With Hamlet, we see loss in a larger sense without the realization of betrayal, something known from the beginning of the piece.

He sups tonight Hamlet vs othello a harlotry, and thither will I go to him. He is telling Roderigo the plan as if it is a daily routine. Claudius and Iago also gain trust by acting like a friend even though they are just using that person to perform their deceitful desires.

One aspect is their ranking compared to the victim they are persuading.

Hamlet vs Othello

If you will watch his going thence, which his will fashion to fall out between twelve and one, you may take him at your pleasure; I will be near to second your attempt, and he shall fall between us. So in both plays the protagonist deal with the antagonist in the same way, with the use of violence.

In conclusion, we see in either character the image of ourselves that helps us to understand better the ways in which each character deals with the difficulties set before him. Since Hamlet killed Laertes father, Claudius knows of the hatred Laertes feels toward Hamlet and uses it to his advantage.

Othello Othello — P. Thus, Hamlet distances himself, isolating Ophelia and treating her crudely, as a means to cope with the loss of the love of his life.

Claudius uses the idea of revenge to lure Laertes into performing this dreadful deed. Hamlet maintains his application of trust and thought and reason by keeping his friends in a state of ignorance to his true motives. Othello during the entire play does nothing at all in respect to Iago other than trust him completely.

For Hamlet, his friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, return from university upon the request of King Claudius.

As Claudius belittles Hamlet, Laertes gains strength for the completion of the task. While for Othello, his second in command, and best friend Cassio is accused of infidelity with Desdemona.

Hudson This child-like and gullible thought process unveils to us the true nature of Othello, the expert at war but the novice at life, who like a mirror believes and acts on the will and impressions of others rather than contemplate both the true reality of things and the people who speak against them.

For a major portion Hamlet only thinks and reflects on what action to take and takes action only in the instance when he has the players perform the Murder of Gonzago.Iago, from Othello, and Claudius, from Hamlet, are characters who exemplify this theme.

Through their tone of voice, imagery, and goal, Iago and Claudius prove their skills of manipulation with words. Just like Hamlet, Othello is based upon the passions that drive the main character over the edge of insanity.

Shakespeare writes in a way by which we can see similarities between characters and the play as a whole, at the same time there are noticeable differences between the two. Hamlet vs Othello Words May 16th, 8 Pages How the protagonists deal with their difficulties: Hamlet vs Othello In William Shakespeare Hamlet and Othello, the author creates two similar yet vastly different protagonists.

Othello is the victim of a villain, instead Hamlet is the person who guides the game and take the decision, considered moral by Shakespeare, to punish a crime We can also consider Othello the only “idiot” of the play and, at the opposite, Hamlet the only shrewd person among idiot people.

Hamlet vs Othello How the protagonists deal with their difficulties: Hamlet vs Othello In William Shakespeare Hamlet and Othello, the author creates two similar yet vastly different protagonists.

The major source of contrast lies within each characters approach to decision making and premeditated action. Hamlet vs. Othello Essay A Potent Flavor of Tragedy In this essay I have looked at the contrast between Hamlet and Iago in their potency of completing actions and their use of power through speaking with others.

Hamlet vs othello
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