How might pricing decisions be influenced

Where price is out of line with manufacturing costs, political pressure may act to force down prices. A telephone company offering landline services has all telephone companies offering landline services as its first level of competitors.

Although pricing decisions made based on the PLC of the products may not always bring business a success, there are likely to be common links between the phases of the PLC and the nature of the price, product, promotion and place decisions taken by the firm.

The movies also charge different people different prices based on their ages and charge different amounts based on the time of day, with matinees usually less expensive than evening shows.

But, it is not easy to maintain a portfolio of brands in the same product category. Raw materials, labor, and commissions on units sold are examples of variable costs. By making forward sales when gold rose, they could secure the mine output price at a fairly attractive price.

Video systems, LCD liquid crystal display manufacturers, auction houses, and airlines are examples of offerings in which price fixing existed. Demand for essential products such as many basic food and first-aid products is not as affected by price changes as demand for many nonessential goods.

Firms will attempt to build up consumer loyalty before the entry of competitors. In some circumstances in order to be more successful, the product needs to be modified or the way it is positioned in order to make it acceptable to local tastes.

Increase of gold price in the end of and early occurred as a result of the attack to Iraq by the U. As described above, economic situation may lead to high inflation. When products are sold through intermediaries like retailers, the list price to customers must reflect the margins required by them Sometimes list prices will be high because middlemen want higher margins.

Where customers demand economic justifications of prices, the inability to produce cost arguments may mean that high price cannot be charged.

At decline stage where sales are dropping steadily, firms will choose to cut prices. Hence, price penetration will still be practised for common product.

A customer may expect its supplier to reduce price, and in such situations the price that the customer pays is different from the list price. Rabbi Akiva, a fierce conservative who held that every dot or comma of a sacred text had meaning of its own, saved the Song of Songs Song of Solomon for the Bible holding that it was the holiest of all the scriptures, but forbade its singing in beerhalls.

Thus, the price for an unproved new innovative product is set at high at the introduction stage for as long as it can hold its strong position. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. In general, a product goes through introduction, growth, maturity and decline.

Weakening of the US economy, dollar depreciation, inflation, world speculative investments, Venezualan bad relations, OPEC greed, and obviously the great instability of Iraq coupled with the explosion of many oil refineries in Iraq during the war. Similarly, bait-and-switch pricing is illegal in many states.

Some retailers, such as Home Depot, will give you an extra discount if you find the same product for less somewhere else. Fixed costsor overhead expenses, are costs that a company must pay regardless of its level of production or level of sales.

How do global values influence consumption decisions?

9 Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions of a Company

While bait-and-switch pricing is illegal in many states, stores can add disclaimers to their ads stating that there are no rain checks or that limited quantities are available to justify trying to get you to buy a different product.

Fashion is the style of clothing that is accepted as popular at a particular time. The way you wear your clothes and the type of clothes you wear suggests your personal sense of modesty, or what people feel is the proper way for clothing to cover the body.

Somehow, PLC is only a model and the managers should not follow exactly the standard life cycle for every product.What influences pricing decision? deals with their body and skin. hence decisions are influenced by internal as well as external factors. a. 9 Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions of a Company.

How do Justices influence court decisions?

Article shared by: Competitors can negate the advantages that a company might be hoping to make with its pricing policies. A company reduces its price to gain market share.

Pricing Decisions: Influencing Factors, Methods and Economic Approach ; Best, Pricing. Factors That Affect Pricing Decisions. Previous. Next. Learning Objectives. Understand the factors that affect a firm’s pricing decisions.

Understand why companies must conduct research before setting prices in international markets. There’s a good chance you might. Pricing decisions Factors to consider when setting prices All profit organizations and many non profit organizations must set prices on their products or services.

Simply defined, price is the amount of money charged for a product or service.

How Might Pricing Decisions Be Influenced by Knowledge of the Product Life Cycle?

How might pricing decisions be influenced by knowledge of the Product Life Cycle? Product Life Cycle (PLC) shows the stages of a new. Making pricing decisions - Price sensitivity is not just about charging high prices to maximize revenue.

It might also relate to cut prices - sometimes dramatically - to encourage people who may otherwise not be part of the market to use the services or goods being provided.

How might pricing decisions be influenced
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