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She may be doing laundry down in her basement. Try to get as much detail as you can. Focus on your breathing and allow yourself to return all of your consciousness into your body. She agrees and the following afternoon, after going through your preparation steps and visualization, you focus your concentration on Lucy.

What is she wearing? Did you correctly identify the position of objects or the temperature, smell, etc.? Suddenly, you see her or you feel like you are her. It takes a lot of Mind travel to improve these skills. Do you feel warm or cold?

You should pick an Mind travel friend who will understand what you are aiming to accomplish. Is she doing a dark load? Then, focus on your breathing, and think about your body. Use her feedback to improve your skills.

Most importantly, keep practicing mind travel if you want to master astral travel soon. Once again, keep in mind that you should not use this ability to spy on people. Mind Travel Mind Travel Mind travel is an important stepping stone if you want to be successful at astral projection.

With your list in hand, walk to the room and confirm your findings. You can listen to background noises or smell a particular odor that would be present in that room. Can you smell the laundry detergent? Give yourself time to relax and relive the visualization.

Perhaps you got it right, perhaps your friend was cleaning her house and somehow the scent that you smelled was not laundry detergent but fabric deodorizer that she was spraying on her carpet. Keep practicing this virtual visit process until you become good at it.

If you see something that you think your friend would not want you to see, then withdraw immediately.


Allow your consciousness to return to your physical body. Perhaps you think about her perfume, her clothes, her hair, her home, whatever is needed to trigger an image.

Take a few seconds to relax and lie still. If you realize that your visual cues were wrong, but your aromas were right, focus on your sense of smell. You meet for coffee, and among other things, you mention that you are learning how to astral travel and with her permission, you would like to practice mind travel and visit her tomorrow afternoon.Peace of Mind Travel Services is a full-service luxury travel agency specializing in Group, Romance & Family Travel.

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Swap it for free, anytime. Mind travel is an important stepping stone if you want to be successful at astral projection. Mind travel is similar to astral travel, but it’s not as involved.

"MindTravel is an experience like no other. Imagine a concert pianist improvising beautiful, peaceful music with imagery in the background that matches the beauty of the music — combined, it is almost meditative or trance like.".

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Mind travel
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