Modern role of chiefs in community development

The role of traditional rulers in Ghana?s socio-economic development

However, it is disappointing that some choose to adopt a? The justification for adopting this sampling technique is that, the study area Guma local government is traditionally divided in to ten 10 geographical units called districts in which the questionnaires were distributed as follows.

As one American expert eloquently put it?

Zambia: Chiefs Play Key Role in National Growth

As for those chiefs who run politically motivated errands, the plain truth is that they have acted sacrilegiously and abdicated their stools for no chief runs errands for a subject no matter how rich or powerful that subject is.

In view of the political administration, traditional rulers have been given limited authority to settle minor disputes. The outcome of the yearly dialogue will create necessary relationship towards community development programmes.

One of the important roles of all national governments is to implement reforms which are assessed to be in the national interest. Are some chiefs simply influenced by plain opportunism fuelled by rewards from a power broker in the form of cash, influence, advantage and other favours?

Without accountability and transparency, there cannot be trust between leaders and the people they lead. Rather, the positions of rulers were strengthened. It is also pertinent to add that alongside this traditional institution, is the socio-political wing, the Mzough U Tiv, Tiv General Assembly with a terminal cabinet presided by the president General.

It had power to handle criminal cases of murder in its territory taking decision on all matters of welfare whether internal or external.

A place in which an interacting group of people living in the same territory: Also, the institution was controlled by certain unwritten laws which ensure the security of the institution.

Conclusion This study is aimed at finding out the role and prospects of traditional rulers in community development with specific emphasis on my village wish my grand father is the Traditional in Ogbeke Abgani, Nkanu-West Local Government Area in Enugu state.

Nevertheless, they had power and used it for their own gain. The strength of modernization theory is argued on the basis that, the sociological imagination is more important than controlling the risk found in contemporary societies; and fulfills the potential for improving people lives.

However, in relation to our culture, the greatest leadership failure has come from our traditional leaders. This may help them to be constructive in their criticism; and may also help subsequent researchers, to built on it and improve on their work. He states that traditional rulers perform amongst others the role of making or contributing to law making and judgment, adjudication in disputes in their communities.

Has the political establishment a carrot so appealing and a stick so strong and frightening as to compel chiefs to abandon their traditional role to dabble in partisan politics? This development was meant to enable the colonialist perfect their exploitation through the use of traditional rulers.

It is interesting to note that the hierarchy in Tiv land presented above is collectively referred to as the Tiv traditional council TTC and these positions are held for life unless something terribly goes wrong with a particular chieftain who might be suspended or replaced.

This definition would cover a very wide spectrum of things and situations but the subject coming at the time of the Constitution making exercise, I guessed it would be prudent to approach it from the politicalsocial, and cultural angle.

The Role Of Traditional Leaders In Community Development

The main objection to this type of reasoning is that it treats an effect as a cause.Oct 13,  · the role of traditional rulers in community DEVELOPMENT The word “Traditional Ruler” entails the reign of a monarchy or a titled ruler vested with the authority to rule over a. FEATURE: Politics and the Role of Chiefs in Ghana.

The only direct role remaining for chiefs in modern governance is that which Dr. Bluwey said arises out of "the right to be informed or consulted and the right to advise". if chiefs are to exert any positive influence on the development of their districts, then they have to be above.

The main objective of the study will be to examine the role of Traditional Authorities in the local governance process in the Decentralisation of power.

Traditional Leaders In Modern Africa: Can Democracy And The Chief Co-Exist?

The Chiefs of Development. although the colonial administration and the modern elite advised the Councils of Chiefs to.

the new Okyenhene acted out the new role of chiefs in the upcoming. Although the paramount of chiefs was undone by colonial rule, traditional rulers have served as important adjuncts in the administration of post-colonial government in both Nigeria and Africa (William F.S. Miles, ). to the upliftment of community development (ojo, ).

The role of traditional rulers has been undergoing change as the. Jul 09,  · What then is the role of traditional rulers in community development?, what are the constraints facing the traditional rulers in the discharge of their community development programmes?, how can the role of traditional rulers in community development be improved in Guma local government area?

colonial and even modern times. He.

Modern role of chiefs in community development
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