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After two decades marked by a quantum leap in the number of countries formally considered as democracies, it is widely understood that new and emerging democratic states confront a complex, many-layered set of often competing political, social and economic challenges.

Integration into every society Promoting and protecting minority rights essay understanding and patience from the government and the people both majority and minority during the process. Establishing and maintaining a shared sense of national identity in a country as vast and diverse as Indonesia is no small achievement, and one of which many Indonesians remain justly proud.

At the same time, on the positive side it was suggested that when well managed, decentralisation can prove an effective tool for enhancing local prosperity and managing prevailing diversities. It is worth recalling here that a defining feature of the post-cold-war global political landscape has been the eruption of inter-ethnic and intra-state conflicts - in Rwanda, Burundi, Bosnia, Kosovo, Kashmir, Chechnya and Sri Lanka, to name but a few of the most salient examples.

A meeting between leaders of the radical Islamic Defence Front FPIwhich has been at the forefront of both anti-Ahmadi and anti-church agitation, and President Yundhoyono was also described by a senior government official as "sending completely the wrong message".

Thus, as they come to address the multiple challenges of protecting and giving fair political representation to their minority populations, the emerging new democracies of the MENA region have much prior experience - positive and negative - to draw on.

In a significant number of existing democracies, the constitution makes clear provision for referring such cases to the higher authority of the constitutional court. Over a decade into the new democratic order, old-style "unitarist" thinking and approaches remain pervasive at the official level.

To date the idea of secularism has not received a particularly positive press in the MENA region. So, guidance and care should provide to child. In newly democratising countries of the MENA region it may thus be critical to explore governance institutions and approaches located within traditional tribal and other customary structures, inter alia with a view to identifying those that can be appropriately integrated into or otherwise accorded formal recognition within emerging transitional democratic frameworks.

Essay on Protecting the Rights of a Child

The challenges of promoting genuine equity, justice and inclusivity to which this points, however, are critical to the long-term sustainability of the democratisation project. Aceh is a case in point; there, the local government appears to have begun to realise that applying such laws simply does not work in practice.

Some provinces have also begun to stipulate the required ethnicity of elected officials, even if this goes against the constitution. The issue assumes particular importance, moreover, in MENA region countries with a history of strong regional or even separatist sentiment and in the broader context of efforts to promote consolidation and strengthening in prevailing conditions of state fragility, as is the case in countries such as, for example, Libya and Yemen.

Increasingly, religious issues are being used by local leaders, who exploit loopholes in the existing legal framework in ways that antagonise inter-community relations. Article 38 deal with issues of children in armed conflicts. Russia was especially active in protecting Orthodox Christians and Slavic peoples under the control of the Ottoman Empire.

Persecution or discrimination against specific minorities was increasingly the subject of media attention, and the Jews began to organize to protest the pogroms in Russia. Precisely what those defining features of minority identity are varies significantly from country to country, and from context to context.

Recent experience in Indonesia, no less than in many countries across central-eastern Europe, the post-Soviet space and sub-Saharan Africa points both to the critical relevance and vital importance of paying due attention to this "heightened conflict potential" aspect of the experience of new democracies.

The length to which the Canadian government has gone through to protect minority rights is much too large and great for the diversity of our society. The Aceh governor, however, reportedly refused to sign the relevant bill, with the result that it remains unimplemented.

These have included a confrontation in early October between massed Coptic demonstrators and the army that left at least twenty-seven people dead, the majority of them Christians. Some emphasise the influence of an international fatwa pronounced by Saudi Arabian Wahhabis in Pakistan the sect has been on the receiving end of some appalling attacks by local Taliban forcesand argue that the assaults themselves are masterminded by "foreigners".

Without the guidance and care of parents, children indulge in bad practices like drugs addiction, theft and other illegal works. It was one of the most violent incidents in Egypt since Hosni Mubarak relinquished the presidency in February In this context, moreover, establishing a clear, thought-through constitutional framework for local-level democratic reform has paramount importance.

Refugees Children should receive humanitarian assistance and they were entitled to freely enjoy all the fundamental rights and freedom and there should be protection of international instrument relating to refugees under UN High Commission for Refugees.

McGraw- Hill Ryerson Limited, In this light, this essay reflects on the issue of the centrality to democracy of the protection and promotion of minority rights via a dual approach: Children separated from their parents need special protection for their development.

Minority rights

Their experiences, and in selected cases the policy responses to them with respect to minorities, can provide a useful comparative set of benchmarks and "lessons learned" for MENA region countries seeking to promote inclusive politics within the framework of their specific transitional democratic trajectories.

In external relations protection of national minorities became one of the main criteria for cooperation with the EU or accession. With respect to governance, for example, centuries of Ottoman rule bequeath a still influential legacy in the form of the millet system, under which designated confessional minorities enjoyed a wide degree of autonomy in managing their affairs.of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, international community to freedom of religion and protection of minority rights as enshrined in both constitutions and This report on Preserving, Protecting, and Promoting Religious Freedom in our nation and the world.

The Protection of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples Respecting Cultural Diversity The Framework of the Protection of Groups III. Notions 1. The Lack of Definition of a Minority 2.

National Minorities and New Minorities 3. Indigenous Peoples 4. Cultural Diversity IV. The Universal Protection of Minority Rights 1. Specific Treaty Provisions 2. Cleveland State University [email protected] Cleveland State Law Review Law Journals Oppression of Minority Shareholders: Protecting Minority Rights.

ii. PROMOTING AND PROTECTING MINORITY RIGHTS. Note. The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply. Promoting Human Rights and Minority Protection.

1, likes · 1 talking about this. Joint Project between the European Union and the Council of Europe. To what extent should the government protect minority rights? Essay Sample. To what extent should the government protect minority rights?

Essay Sample. Protecting and giving into minority rights, particularly in Canada, is a reckless pursuit because of the great diversity of minorities present.

Promoting and protecting minority rights essay
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