Teenage awareness of sexually transmitted diseases in barbados essay

Bibliography How contraception nurses can improve teenage sexual health. Although knowledge and awareness have been reported to have a limited effect on changing attitudes and behaviour, [ 1628 - 30 ] they are important components of sex education which help promote informed, healthy choices [ 31 - 33 ].

Furthermore, many adolescents do not perceive themselves to be at risk of contracting an STD [ 27 ]. An early onset of sexual activity not only increases the probability of having various sexual partners, it also increases the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection [ 19 ].

Managing the process involved communication and exchange of information whereas the last stage of evaluation helped in measurement of the outcome of the initiative with constant feedback from participants and weekly goal settings and meetings with the mothers to get an understanding of the use and effectiveness of the program.

Bonsu discusses the rising instances of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in teenagers which has forced the government to take new initiatives in promoting better sexual health among teenagers.

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Symptoms are more severe in females. Social Problems, 52 4 The program was a collaborative effort of health department nurses and members of faculty of a nursing school.

Inter professional working - teenage pregnancy Nursing Inter Professional Working - Teenage pregnancy According to a recent NHS report, teenage pregnancy is a common problem in the UK as about a third of under 16 female teenagers are reported to be sexually active and more than half year olds do not use contraception the first time they engage in sexual practice NHS report, Shown in the chart below.

Interpretation of Findings Findings have shown that the consciousness of sexually transmitted diseases has frequently been questioned amongst the younger coevals.

This was minimum as most effectual questionnaires and studies have set inquiries which must be generalised to the populace. It is not enough to take precautionary measures and still do the deed. Diseases are spreading around the world, some of which we know none about any cure.

The assessment was done independently by two of the authors FSZ, LS who then discussed their findings.

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According to this study method, databases were searched for systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials to ascertain whether parenting programs or social support or both are required in improving maternal and infant outcomes and perceptions in adolescent pregnancies.

Abstinence should be promoted, and should be recognized as the only means to promote a pregnancy outside a married life, or a life wherein you could provide for the offspring. One important aspect of collaborative nursing to prevent teenage pregnancy is imparting sex education in schools.

According to the author, teenage pregnancy must be addressed not in isolated basis but within the context of the individual, family, school and community. The risk is higher for female adolescents as their cervical anatomic development is incomplete and especially vulnerable to infection by certain sexually transmitted pathogens [ 20 - 23 ].

Tabi gives a community perspective on a model to reduce teenage pregnancy and explains a study design that was used to validate elements of an educational career youth developmental model ECYDM that was aimed to reduce teenage pregnancy among African American teens in urban communities.

This program focuses on education on family life, sex and AIDS, skills education, information education and communication, health and career related counseling, training by special education teachers, youth participation in programs, prenatal care and family planning, prevention and information on sexually transmitted diseases, research and dissemination of data, and primary schools and adult literacy programs and advice on sexual health and other adolescent issues.

The search was done to include articles published from Infected females usually do not show any symptoms for a long time and therefore remain undetected. Race, Innocence, and Sexuality Education. The Teenage pregnancy Unit has funded and focused on education in schools in areas of religion, faith and sexual activity.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:instrument used to collect data questionnaire on the level of awareness as it relates to ‘sexually transmitted diseases’ in the bridgeport community. Dear Teenagers, This questionnaire is being carried out in the Bridgeport Community on the causes and effects of the awareness on the topic ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ among teenagers.

The factors affecting teenage pregnancy, sexual activity and sexually transmitted diseases have been emphasized in highlighting the role of nurses and midwives who not only provide advice in health issues but encourage young people to take full responsibility for their sexuality.

Introduction The subject I have chosen is the degrees of consciousness of the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases among Barbadian adolescents. I have chosen this subject because of the badness of impact it can hold on Barbadian society without proper cognition.

Conscious Awareness and Brain Processes Essay Human Trafficking Awareness in the South-African Police Service Teenage Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Barbados Essay.

Teen-pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay - Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), also known as venereal diseases (VD’s), are spread by sexual contact where certain germs travel from one person to another or by the exchange of body fluids.

From the mids however, increases in the diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases, in particular syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia have been reported in several European countries, especially among teenagers years old [].

Teenage awareness of sexually transmitted diseases in barbados essay
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